Further reducing unnecessary packaging material

Sustainability is a very important part of the Parlok strategy and we constantly aim to reduce unnecessary packaging material. Our products are designed to last for the lifetime of the vehicle and our factory produces neither waste nor emissions. On top of this our products are completely recyclable.

Due to the efforts to improve our processes we are now taking another step in the same environmental safe direction by further reducing unnecessary packaging material. A major part of our mudguards is already delivered bare without the use of a covering plastic bag but now we are expanding this further to apply to all mudguards including White Line­ and other thermo-formed products. Earlier we have already replaced the styrofoam between the mudguard layers by biodegradable cardboard. 

The preparations of getting rid of the covering plastic bags, as far as White Line™­ and other thermo-formed products are concerned, were started during the summer months. The project is now moving ahead. You may already today receive mudguards bare ie. without the earlier standard covering plastic bag. The range of the bare "bagless" products is expanding rapidly. However, the overall foil on the pallet remains as the main protection from weather and mechanical damages.

We are now in a transition phase where the old packaging is replaced by the new one. Please note that during this phase you may receive bare products but also products from our stock that are still packed in covering plastic bags. This continues as long as we run out of the older material in stock.

As a consequence of leaving out the plastic bags in packaging we can fill the pallets in a more efficient way in terms of pieces and at the same time also offer more flexibility to the customer when ordering.

There is yet another benefit to our customers. The number of item numbers can be reduced and simplified. Our Sales Team will be in contact with the customers who will be affected by slight changes in item numbering. At the same time those customers who haven’t yet updated our new item nos. and descriptions to their orders are, in order to avoid errors and misunderstandings, adviced to do this as soon as possible. As the two parts to the contract of delivery the order and the confirmation should always be identical and controlled by both parties. 

With these improvements in place we trust to be able to do our share in protecting the environment from excessive material and at the same time answer to the feedback from the market.