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Supra spray suppression

Parlok Supra™ integrated Spray suppression system meets the requirements of regulations (EU) 2019/2144; 6.7.2022 and (EU) 2021/535; 31.3.2021 related to the spray suppression system of certain categories of motor vehicles and their trailers.

Parlok Supra Spray suppression system improves road safety by reducing 80% of the water spray formed by the tyre contact to wet road surface and returning it to the road surface. Supra material can be supplied both as integrated and separately to be mounted afterwards to the mudguard.

Homologation Number for Parlok WL Supra integrated spray suppression material is e1*2021/535/8*2021/535*00039*00.

New approval mark on the product: A e1 00 00039.

EC council directives

References to the regulations (EU) 2019/2144; 6.7.2022 and (EU) 2021/535; 31.3.2021
on the approximation of laws of the Member States relating to the spray-suppression system of certain categories of motor vehicles and their trailers.

Which vehicles?

All tractors and rigid vehicles usable for carriage of goods having a maximum mass exceeding 7,5 tonnes and all trailers with a maximum weight exceeding 3,5 tonnes: must be constructed and/or fitted with spray suppression systems or devices (certain vehicles as unbodied vehicles, ”off road” vehicles etc. are excepted). 

System or device?

Spray-suppression system reduces the pulverization of water thrown by tyres from wet road. The spray suppression system can be made up of a mudguard part and a rain flap part equipped with a spray- suppression device. 

Spray-suppression device is a component forming part of the mudguard and/or rain flap and it absorbs the energy of water spray. 

Measurements of the system?

The width of the mudguard part and the flap part must cover the entire width of the tyre specified by the tyre manufacturer.

The front edge must extend no more than 45° above the axle line with non-steered wheels.

Depth of the outer valance must extend not less than 45 mm at all points behind a vertical line passing through the center of the wheel.

Spray suppression device

The back side of the rear part of the system must be fitted with a spray-reduction device. This material must cover the inside of the system up to a height determined by a straight line running from the centre of the wheel and forming an angel of at least 30° with the horizontal. The lower rear edge of the spray- suppression system must not be more than 200 mm, in special cases 300 mm, from the ground.