New item numbers

Parlok as a leading manufacturer and supplier of mudguards and spray-suppression systems has updated the entire group’s ERP system in order to secure a reliable customer support both from the office and remotely.

Consequently, all of our part numbers have been changed and are now live as from 1st February, 2021. The old part numbers will appear alongside in our documentation (e.g. order confirmation) for some time to ease the transition period.

We kindly ask you to change our item numbers in your own ERP accordingly.

In the same process we are implementing an other long requested change to our mudguards as the extruded reinforcements on both sides will become white marketed as usual as our White LineTM (previously white/black). With this change all the products will be identical to left and right removing the possibility of error both in the distribution and in the assembly. For volume products Parlok continues to offer a both sides black mudguard to those customers preferring to install the mudguard this way. Please note also that for a fair extra price you can have the side line in almost any colour you wish as a special product.

The item numbers are changed 1st February, 2021. After this point we reserve the right for a transition period allowing us to supply the products first-in first-out thus a black side may appear in the products for a short period of time. After turnaround of the current stock we will be delivering 2 x White Line as standard.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

You can find the conversion table (old item number vs new item number) here:

>> New item numbers