New regulations for Supra spray-suppression

All trailers with a maximum weight exceeding 3,5 tonnes as well as all tractors and rigid vehicles usable for carriage of goods having a maximum mass exceeding 7,5 tonnes must be constructed and/or fitted with a spray suppression system or device. Parlok Supra™ integrated Spray suppression system meets also the newest requirements of regulations (EU) 2019/2144; 6.7.2022 and (EU) 2021/535; 31.3.2021 related to the spray suppression system of motor vehicles and their trailers.

Parlok Supra Spray suppression system improves road safety by reducing 80% of the water spray thrown up by tires and returning it to the road surface. Supra material can be supplied both as integrated and separately to be mounted afterwards to the mudguard.