Introducing new product segments

We are pleased to introduce the new look on our website making it easier for our Customers and Partners to find the needed information. At the same time we are happy to present also two new product segments where our PARLOK mudguards can be used offering the guaranteed PARLOK quality.

For Agri and Industrial segments we offer our OFF-RD mudguards made of 4 mm PE-HD, designed for demanding use in various agricultural vehicles and work machines. OFF-RD mudguards are extremely shock resistant, rigid and they withstand well abrasion. 

>> Agri

>> Industrial equipment


Besides mudguards, we also manufacture a wide variety of molded plastic products. We also have a very long experience in various assembly work and product design. 

>> Contract manufacturing


Please take a look and check out the new product segments on the website. We are happy to assist you in finding suitable solutions for your needs. To Your benefit!