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The anti-spray systems of Parlok comply strictly with legislation, they reduce splashes by up to 80% and are very easy to install.

We decided to include colours in addition to plain black mudguards - so you can choose the colour that suits your taste. The neat stripes and colours of the White Line™ mudguard complete the look of your vehicle and make it more visible. Why settle for less when you can choose Parlok?


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Watch out for fakes!

Parlok mudguards and anti-spray systems are manufactured in Finland by our own technique. Abroad we work through a network of distributors. By ordering the products from our authorized representatives you protect yourself and your vehicle from frauds. If you do not find a representative near you please contact us.

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Designed for extreme conditions  

Parlok anti-spray systems are made of strong PE-HD that withstands temperatures -50 ° C - + 80 ° C as well as wear and tear and is very impact and chemical resistant. The mudguards withstand a direct impact of a dull object weighing 10 kg when dropped of a height of 50 cm to an area of 1 cm². At low temperatures the wings retain their elasticity and do not crack.

Supra™ anti-spray system reduces up to 80% of the water spray thrown up by tires returning it to the road surface. This improves road safety significantly. Parlok mudguards weigh an average of about 2,5 kg allowing you to reduce the weight of your vehicle, which is a pure saving.

Parlok mudguards - Product Testing - video by Ville Haapasalo

Comfort and style

We made sure that you feel comfortable: The mudguards are attached to the support tubes using adjustable brackets with a wide adjustment range. The assembly is very simple - the bracket has only one nut for tightening. The sawtooth form in the bottom plate prevents the bracket from rotating round the support tube. The brackets are supplied with Parlok White Line® and Supra muduards.

If you find black mudguards dull you can choose the colour you like. Our selection includes white, grey, blue, red, yellow and green mudguards. Imagine how your vehicle stands out on the road. The mudguards are manufactured of coloured PE-HD which means that they are not afraid of scratches and do not need repair. 

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Forget rust and decay - Parlok mudguards are tightly locked and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Their characteristics are light weight, impact resistance and modern design.

Parlok boxes do not need painting because they are manufactured of strong PE-HD that withstands well temperature (-50 ° C - + 80 ° C) and chemicals. Mounting of the boxes is designed to be as comfortable and simple as possibl. In Finland these boxes are popular not only in trucks but also among the military, hunters and fishermen.

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Contract manufacturing

We manufacture a wide variety of molded plastic products for our customers and furthermore we have a very long experience in various assembly work and product design.

We are your reliable partner for contract manufacturing using thermoforming which is a very advantageous way to make accurately shaped, durable light-weight products, especially suitable for annual volumes between 500 to 10.000 pieces, with a mould cost starting at approximately 1000 €.
Bring us your idea and we make it happen! Please contact us for further information.

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